Television Advertising Your home may be placed on the highly successful Ad Channel where over 1 million people each day 
can preview it.
Talking House One of the newest and most technologically advanced products available to select Realtors. The Talking House broadcasts a 90 second radio message about your property on the AM band up to 300 feet. Perfect for capturing existing drive-by traffic and attracting additional traffic flow.
Virtual Tour of 
Your Home
The Newest Wave in Real Estate Marketing! A full motion virtual tour of your home is offered on and so that home buyers can "preview" your home and get a feel for its amenities, characteristics, and curb appeal. 
Global Exposure on the Internet The best way to give your property global exposure is to display it on the Information Super Highway. People around the world can now obtain information and view pictures of your home on all of the major real estate listing services and on over 500 different Atlanta agent web sites! The Internet is the best way to maximize your property's exposure and take advantage of its full advertising potential. No other real estate agent in Atlanta has a stronger web presence than Craig Levine! Over 80% of the Levine Team's buyers are generated over the internet!
Strong Negotiating 
on Your Behalf
The Levine Team is not only a great marketer of real estate properties, we are committed to giving our clients the best representation available. Once an offer comes in on your property, we go to work to negotiate the highest price and best terms on your behalf.
Canvass Calling Once we begin marketing your property, one of the first things we do is call your neighbors. By letting them know that your home is on the market and asking if they know of anyone that may be interested in moving into the area, we discover immediate potential purchasers for your home.
Atlanta Journal
Atlanta Real Estate Guide
Two of several publications we advertise in regularly to promote properties on the market. Your property will be prominently featured.
Brandon's Flyers to Realtors One of the best ways to market your property to other Realtors. We design a custom flyer to be inserted in Brandon's Flyers which will be distributed to Realtors all over Atlanta.
The Levine Team's Nite-Glo Sign - Brightest in the industry day or night When you list your home with The Levine Team, we don't just install your ordinary For Sale Sign, we install The Levine Team's Nite-Glo 24 Hour Advertising Billboard! We've taken advantage of new printing technologies to bring you the newest and brightest sign in the industry, day and night. 
Flyers and Flyer Holder Using our graphic design expertise, we create an attractive and informative color flyer to display inside and outside the house. Information on your home will be readily accessible to agents previewing your property and to all interested drive-by traffic.
Board of Realtors Membership in this organization provides an important element of networking and sharing information about your property.
Free Stays at Our Corporate Condo The Levine Team prides itself on going above and beyond the typical services offered by most other realtors. Our recent purchase of a fantastic townhome in the Vinings/Smyrna area will be used to house our relocating clients while they shop for properties. Heavy advertising of this service will increase our potential buyers that could be interested in your home!
FMLS A professional computer networking system that provides details of your home to approximately 20,000 agents in Atlanta.
MLS A professional computer networking system that provides details of your home to an additional 25,000 agents in Atlanta. NOTE: Most agents looking to market your property will be a member of only one of these networks.
In-depth Video Market Assessment Not your ordinary run-of-the-mill CMA. Our market study involves a comprehensive visual and factual research analysis to zone in on a competitive price for your home. Once we have compared your property with those sold in your area we will be able to help you determine a competitive price that will sell quickly.
Lockbox for Maximum Exposure The lockbox is an important part of the marketing process. This device makes showing a home to a potential buyer convenient, without compromising security to the homeowner. A variety of arrangements can be made to accommodate sellers' requests. It is important for us to point out that most agents will not show a property without a lockbox on it.
Offer Open House When done correctly, an open house to the general public and real estate agents is an effective way to sell a property. If you would like to open your home for such an event, we will gladly share in the expense of providing a top notch presentation, advertised and organized professionally, with absolutely no inconvenience to you.
Provide Weekly Updates It is important for you to be informed of what has transpired on a regular basis. In addition to our daily communications, weekly updates on calls received and reports on promising activity will be sent to you. Meanwhile, we will be continuously asking for feedback from agents who have previewed your property. This information will be used to help us adjust our marketing strategy if necessary.
Extensive Continuing Education Not all agents seek to consistently continue their education. My team and I are dedicated to keeping our knowledge, technique and technology on the cutting-edge. By attending seminars, advanced education classes and focus groups we are able to maintain a progressive marketing strategy, continuing to be the most effective in today's market.
Return Calls Within 1 Hour or I Pay You $25 for Each Instance We pride ourselves on our marketing strategy and in the superior service we provide to our clients. That is why we will offer you $25 at closing for each instance we were unable to return your call or page within one (1) hour of receiving it. Usually, Craig returns pages within 5 minutes! With the Levine Team, our clients never have to worry about keeping in touch with their real estate agent, guaranteed!
Allow Release From Listing If you are not completely satisfied with our service or marketing program we will release you from the listing agreement. All we require from you is an opportunity to correct the problem. If you should still decide to terminate the listing the only charges to you will be the $25 FMLS fee and the $25 MLS fee for the removal of your listing from their systems plus accrued expenses.
Offer Assistance w/Relocation Whether you are staying in Atlanta or moving to another area of the country, the Levine Team will be there to help. With our broad networking ability we are able to retrieve information from anywhere in the nation. Helping to make your family's transition as smooth as possible is our priority.

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