Mention & Utilize the Levine Team's Services  
and Receive a Free Home Buyer's Warranty!

  Buyer's Benefits

  Seller's Benefits

  • Peace of mind from unexpected repair costs
  • One Year's repair or replacement just a phone call away
  • Renewable where allowed by law
  • Offers competitive advantage over homes without a warranty
  • Optional listing coverage.....only responsible for deductible
  • No cost for basic coverage until home sold
  • Buyer and Seller Coverage

    Central Heating
    Hot Water Heat Systems
    Duct Work
    Water Heater
    Attic Fans
    Exhaust Fans

    Additional Coverage for Buyer

    Roof Leak Repair
    Air Conditioning System
    Septic System
    Refrigerator, Dishwasher
    Range, Oven, Cooktop
    Garbage Disposal
    Permanently Installed Sump Pump

    Trash Compactor
    Built-In Microwave
    Garage Door Opener
    Central Vacuum
    Lighting Fixtures
    Fire and Burglar Alarm

    The Levine Team does not guarantee that 2-10 will cover any or all claims. The Levine Team, acting as a buyer's, seller's, or dual agent, further shall be held harmless and released from any repairs and/or liabilities that may arise after closing pertaining to the lack of coverage from the above warranty. Please contact 2-10 at 1-800-775-4736 for further coverage information.